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Dubs The Creator


Digital Creator & Strategist

Dubs is a digital creator who’s perspective is outside of the box, technical and in-depth. His role is that of a composer who brings everything into harmony across all aspects of the business. He converts complex problems into simple solutions. His advanced background in Product Creation, UX / UI Design and Development, Marketing, Technologies, E-commerce, Digital Design, Animation, Photography and Video gives him an edge whenever he joins a project. Visualizing the future of the product and roadmapping the vision from start to finish is essential when developing a solid product strategy. Collaborating with teams and working independently builds successful relationships and promotes synergy across business, product design and development. Dubs strives for constant improvement in business and marketing strategies to achieve successful engagement and profitability.

Web3 NFT & Blockchain

NFT Creator

Saving Children in Ukraine with NFTs

KIDSAVE is a charity who goes above and beyond to support children around the world. DYNMC is currently creating NFTs and establishing presence within the NFT marketplace as a new form of fundraising to support children and families in Ukraine. This war has torn families from their homes and has left orphans in need as a result.

Movies & Film

Creative Producer

State of the Art Creative Production

Business Automation & Product Design

Product Director

Force Marketing - Family of Brands / Helix Technologies

Product Strategies Responsible for building products and features that solve automotive market problems and increase value to our customers. This role identifies key business opportunities that align with fundamental customer problems and define the experience that solves those problems.

Data Marketing Platform

Brand & Content Creator

Travel App

Product Designer

CTV & Product Design

Gaming App

Content Creator

Content and Web Design

Smart Phone UI Design

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